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Chapter 1—Dream Interpreter Talents Revealed. My work with dreams began after I prayed, “Please God, 100% Spirituality work.” Yet, when dreams first came I thought, “No, God, dreamwork isn’t what I meant!” Then my husband John’s question, “I wonder if Ev’s dreams could be helpful?” persuaded me to pay attention. Later, in a dream, a many-colored cloth is thrown over my shoulders. I had no thought before “The Cloth of Many Colors” dream of my possible innate talents with dream interpretations. Astonishment at “The Cloth of Many Colors” dream has inspired me since.

The Cloth of Many Colors
(January 28, 1992)

The Dream: I am in a store and am very calmly shopping. In fact, I feel dull and I think those around me will notice my dullness.

Then some young woman puts a fine piece of cloth over my shoulders. The cloth seems kind of like heavy silk and is many-colored. I feel so exhilarated that I take the lead and run in front of her with the cloth through the aisles "in gay profusion.”

PMID Step 1: Connect your previous-day (often the day before) events to the dream to discover the theme of this dream. The events may appear in either symbolic or literal terms in your dream. Write down the appropriate events and record when they occurred.

I began to record my dreams a few months before the above dream came. It wasn’t until later that I realized dreams most often connect to day-before-the-dream events, so I didn’t record my day-before events for this dream. (Had I recorded my day-before this dream’s events, I would have had an idea of the theme of this dream)

PMID Step 2: Connect your previous-day (often the day before) thoughts to your dream to detect which thoughts may have prompted this dream’s responses. Like events, your thoughts may appear in your dream in either literal or symbolic terms. Write, "I thought" statements and record when you thought them.

I don’t know what my thoughts the day before this dream were. It wasn’t until later that I realized dreams most often respond to day before the dream thoughts, so I didn’t record my day-before thoughts for this dream. (Had I recorded my day-before this dream’s major thoughts, I would have known a possible thought-question to which this dream responded)

PMID Step 3: Select and define major dream phrases and symbols from your write-up of this dream to discover the dream’s personalized meanings. Consider effects of day-before-your dream events, thoughts, and earlier experiences on the meaning of each major dream phrase and symbol. The general definition for “phrases” as used in this step is “a string of words.” The strings of words can be phrases, clauses, or whole sentences.

    *Fine piece of cloth over my shoulders: Reveals a personality trait. Cloth could denote a piece of clothing. Clothing often means personality to me (a universal meaning).
    *Cloth seems kind of like heavy silk: Represents to me the very finest of cloth, so this could point to a fine personality trait.
    *Is many-colored: The type personality trait revealed to me is dream interpreter. The Bible story about Joseph, dream interpreter, and his coat of many colors is strong in my memory.

PMID Step 4: Compare your emotions in your dream with your pre-dream, waking-life emotions to discover whether your waking-life emotions accurately reflect how you feel about the issue in this dream. Note that the issue may be a relationship issue. What differences, if any, do you find between your emotions in your dream and your waking-life emotions? It is useful to periodically review your emotions in your dreams regarding the main issue or relationship at hand.

In the dream I feel dull until the young woman puts the many-colored cloth over my shoulders. Then I feel exhilarated. In waking life, I have been unaware of knowing I could interpret my dreams, so I have not felt any particular emotions about those skills.

PMID Step 5: Explore your dream for possible solutions to problems, including changing (or affirming) your thoughts, attitudes, or behaviors. Consider your responses to each PMID model step, including Step 6, as you search for solutions and suggestions in this dream. Give primary attention to the power of your thoughts before your dream (PMID Step 2) to act as questions that your dream answers.

When the young woman throws a cloth of many colors over my shoulders and I feel so "exhilarated that I take the lead and run through the aisle 'in gay profusion,'" I believe my dream very really shows “Yes, you are capable of finding help in your dreams.”

How I Used This Dream: This dream has inspired me over and over since my first startled response that I may have talents to find dream meanings. At the time of the dream though dreams fascinated me, I had little understanding of their meanings. At the writing of this book, I indeed do now understand most of my dreams. My husband's question opened such a gay profusion in my life. “Thanks, John.”



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