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How YGDreams Works

There is enormous interest in dreams. Yet, though there are several dream interpretation models, few are researched models. The PMID model is a researched model.

Our researched process is purposely easy to use, and has been tested and refined over several years of research and explorations. As a member participant on you can:
  • Keep an ongoing journal of your dreams, significant events happening around these dreams and important personal relationships in your life.
  • Create your own dictionary of your dream phrases and symbols, their meanings and the dreams, events and people to which these are related.
  • Look up dreams related to specific events, people and dream phrases and symbols to see how your waking life is expressed in your dreams.
  • Use our proprietary DreamScan to quickly find common universal symbols and their meanings present in your dreams.
  • Talk with other members and yourguidingdreams staff on the discussion board.

Many people have used dream dictionaries or similar tools (including our DreamScan) to explain symbols in their dreams. While these are very helpful in explaining "universal" symbols and general understanding, these don't address the individual language of symbols that are so specific to each person.

As an example, "house" is a universal dream symbol, which typically refers to the dreamer with various rooms and floors representing aspects of the dreamer and his or her personality. This meaning is described as "universal" because it is common for many dreamers, and provides a good starting point for understanding the dream. However, the meanings of specific rooms, for instance a kitchen, can relate to food, comfort, family, childhood experiences, creativity, and so on depending on each individual dreamer.

So, while we provide immediate interpretation tools, such as DreamScan, as thought starters, we strongly caution against taking these meanings at face value, without exploring the deeper meanings of these further.

YourGuidingDreams, based on our proprietary PMID process, provides a method for members to better understand their dreams and symbolic dream language, and how to apply this learning in everyday life. In addition to recording your dreams, you will be walked through a step-by-step process to help you remember more of your dream and help you identify connections between the dream and your waking life.

All member information, dreams, symbols and other entries are kept completely private and are not shared with any outside companies, groups or individuals.



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